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1b-C combo?


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What might have been if the Marlins had gotten their new stadium....


We would have had the money to keep Derrek Lee and sign Pudge to a four-year deal. That got me to thinking: would we have been better off keeping Lee and Pudge or trading for Lo Duca and signing Delgado. To be completely fair about it, consider the fact that we would have kept Brad Penny and prospect Bill Murphy with Lee/Pudge but that we wouldn't have gotten Guillermo Mota.

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Pudge is more of a Captain type of guy. While Delgado does have more power.


Dont get me wrong i believe Lo Duca is a great guy to have behind the plate but we all know that it is different having Pudge back there. We should see if Piazza would fill in for a few games like he did a few years back :D


Delgado is to streaky and will always be that way i just hope he can turn it on come Play-off time or down the strech. Time will tell. Plus he has no play-off expierence and does lo duca from LA how many times did they go to the play-offs.


hmmm something to think about.


Because St Louis will not be a walk in the park come NLCS time.


the only good thin about them is they got .172 Yadier Molina behind the plate. I bet they feel dumb leaving him back there.

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Guest Fritz

What if we still had:


Gary Sheffield

Kevin Brown

Trevor Hoffman

Adrian Gonzalez

Matt Clement

Brad Penny

Johan Santana



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I vote for "can we just let it go?"


What happened, happened. DLee was never a Pro Player hitter, and Pudge is off the 'roids now, who knows what he'll be for the rest of the year.


Can we please stop bashing former players?

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