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Spike TV In Negotiations with WEW


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Sources are reporting that there have been several meetings between Women?s Extreme Wrestling, which is headed by former ECW management members Dan Kowal and Steve Karel and Spike TV. The promotion is based in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area and they also hold events at Florida.


Women?s Extreme Wrestling regularly run taped PPV events, which at times feature porn scenes into the show. A more under control version of the show which doesn?t include the porn segments, have nationally been released by retail markets.





Ok, let me be the first to say WEW sucks. I watched half of one of their DVD's before I couldn't stand it anymore and had to shut the damned thing off. The wrestling sucked and their characters are a joke. The women have managers of guys with names like "The Smoke" and Stone Cold Billy Austin. Retardedly blatent Rock and Austin rip-offs. It's horrible and I hope it doesn't happen.

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