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DeBiase? Matt Hardy? Jesus?


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- Backstage two weeks ago in Madison Square Garden during RAW, there was said to be many backstage anticipating the reaction Lita would receive when she came to the ring. When the pro-Matt Hardy chants insued, many workers were happy backstage since their was a widespread feeling of resentment towards WWE officials for releasing Hardy for what many believe was due to personal issues with Edge and not a case of creative not having anything for him. "Vince McMahon considers MSG his gauge for what's over in his company," said one WWE wrestler. "I wonder what he was thinking during that segment."


- The word making the rounds right now regarding Ted DiBiase's 90-day trial run as a creative consultant for WWE is that many don't seem impressed with him at this point. Many feel he has a lot of catching up to do in regards to what happend in the last 15+ years in the business. Given what was said about him from others, the opinion is that he thinks something that worked 20 years ago would work with today's audience. DiBiase hasn't reportedly watched wrestling on a regular basis for well over a decade.


- According to a statement on his official website, Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera was assued by John Laurinaitis that once he is medically cleared to wrestle that WWE would give him another look. Aguilera is hoping to work in Mexico and Japan once he is ready to wrestle again in a month or so.

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