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Quick spoiler-free review of "Crash"

Guest Fritz

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Guest Fritz

Well, tonight I went to a free screening of the movie "Crash". I must say I hadn't heard much about the movie until I saw a trailer for it on apple.com about a week and a half ago, but I digress:


I thought some of the casting choices were a bit unique. One would say some of the actors in the movie are "washed up" or "have beens" or "never was" types, but I think it really helped the movie. Everyone portrayed their character well and didn't leave their own imprint on the film. The acting, writing, dialogue, and chemistry were all pretty solid and I must give kudos to Chris "Ludacris" Bridges for a pretty darn solid performance. This guy couldn't act worth a lick in 2Crap2Spurious, but he did hold his own in this film even though the character was hardly a reach for him to play.


Anyway, the plot revolves around one day in the lives of different residents of Los Angeles of all different socio-economic and racial backgrounds. The film portrays the prejudices people have in this movie even if they're enlightened or generally good people. It's a really fascinating story and it's nice that the director didn't just cop out and make every black person a good person and oppressed and didn't make every white person evil and an oppressor. The stories nicely intertwine with each other and the movie wraps itself up quite nicely with its fair share of generally positive endings. I really enjoyed the movies and it really brought up some interesting points. Also, the movie was quite tidy and didn't have much excess stuff. The movie seemed to be about 20 minutes short, but I really enjoyed it anyway.


I'd give it an 8.5/10

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