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Great Concept Bad Execution

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A great idea for the original play station. A 3D fighter that allowed you to duel as that characters from the Star Wars saga. I remember getting all excited about this game. Then I played the demo. The combat was so horrible, one couldn't stand to play it for more than a matter of a few minutes. Not only that, the combat didn't even feel remotely Star Wars. If they could only get a decent fighting engine, this game would've been great.








Boba Fett gets bitch slapped.


Character Select Screen

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Guest Fritz

If they put that on a modern system or a next gen system, that would be a sick game. I'd love to do a Clone Trooper vs. Storm Trooper battle.

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An Anakin Skywalker vs. Luke Skywalker battle anyone? :mischief2










You know what I mean... :mischief




Anyway this came out before the Prequal trilogy was released I think, so putting Anakin wasn't included. But a sequal on one of the next generation consoles..... :mischief2

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