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Rock Update

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In regards to a few reports making the rounds about why The Rock's bio is still on the "RAW Superstars" page over on WWE.com, for those unaware Rock and Vince McMahon talked things over at the post-WrestleMania 21 party in Los Angeles last month and were able to get back on good terms again. So, as things stand now, Rock will continue to be associated with WWE. From what is understood, he will appear when his movie schedule allows it as he will be very busy in the coming months. We will have more on his movie schedule later today.


The film "Doom", based on the popular PC game starring The Rock, has been pushed back from a summer release until some time in October. Rock's current movie project just recently saw him sign on to star in the film "Southland Tales" that will also star Seann William Scott and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rock will play a boxer named Santaros who is an action-star that crosses paths with an adult film star developing her own TV project and a police officer with a key to a conspiracy involving it.


On WWE.com's Auction Site, two of Vince McMahon's leg braces are being put up for sale with each being personally autographed by McMahon. Both bids end on May 18 with one at $500 and the other at $300 so far. All proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


HipHopDX.com has added an article talking about John Cena's new rap CD "You Can't See Me" that will be released on May 10.



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