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RAW 5/9

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Interesting interview segment. I wonder how long Triple H will be "home" for....Daiviri/Jericho was too short, but there were a few nice moves in there....Another great Flair/Christian segment. "I don't like you." Classic....I liked Viscera's old music better. I also liked him better when he wasn't wrestling. What is he, the new Bastion Booger?....


Good Kane/Benoit match, which lasted longer than I expected....Flair over Tomko was the right move, and the low-blow made it all the more right....So, does this Stacy thing set up a Superheroes/Weight Trainers feud?....Interesting the subtle plug for the ECW PPV. I wonder if they'll follow-up on Bischoff's threats....


Decent Benjamin/Conway match. I wonder if they'll make a big deal about Shelton helping Jericho earlier, but Chris not returning the favor...."Yo, this video is horrible"- My roomate Dan, on Cena's music video. 'Nuff said....If this were the old Shawn, I'm sure he'd make some "Sunny days" comment about Edge and Lita....Edge/Kane? Not the matchup I would've went with, but it should be interesting for a couple reasons.

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