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Matsui homered in ST debut


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Just because a guy hits a home run in his first game means he'll hit 40? Not quite. While Matsui has a reputation in Japan for being a home run hitter, baseball is different here than there- the balls are different sizes, the level of pitching is different... Mike Redmond had three hits with a home run in his major league debut. Does that mean he was going to be a power hitter? No. It is simply part of the "normal curve"- over time, according to probability, what is supposed to happen does happen. He only got one more homer that season. I do believe Matsui has the power to be a great hitter, both for contact and home runs, though you can't expect that immediately.

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Just because a guy hits a home run in his first game means he'll hit 40?

WE never said that. We are predicting those homers because of his past. He has tremendous power and contact. He was the best homerun hitter right now in japan and was tearing up that league so he came here for some competition....

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Matsui has all the talents to succeed.




He has done a good job in Japan.




He will achieve success though, not by hitting homeruns, but by becoming a contact hitter.




Home runs will follow.




If you knew anything about baseball and about how to succeed in this game you would know this.



The jury is out on Japanese players being successful offensive stars.


You have one that has achieved success. Nobody else yet. And Ichiro is special and plays on a level far and above that of other players.

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