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2005 Adopt-A-Baby-Marlin Official Draft Thread

Guest Moneyball

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Guest Moneyball

The *OFFICIAL* draft order:


1) Maverick- Reggie Abercrombie

2) Capefish- Randy Messenger

3) Juanky- Logan Kensing

4) Das Texan- Brad Davis

5) Admin- Ryan Jorgenson

6) Beinfest4Prez- Josh Johnson

7) rferry- Jeff Allison

8) Heckeroo- Alejandro De Aza

9) Moneyball- Lee Mitchell

10) Chewbacca314- Josh Wilson

11) CFDodgeMarlin40- Chris Ashby

12) LCastillo- Ryan Bear

13) nc marlin- Brad McCann

14) farmer fran- Chris Resop

15) flamarlins3- Adam Brandenburg

16) TSwift25- Angel Molina

17) Burnettheat34- Kevin Cave

18) BenderRobot- Mark Little

19) FishFanInPA- Jai Miller

20) floridafan- Jeff Gogal

21) RockyMountainMarlin- Juan Figueroa

22) bman8316- Frank Castillo

23) WildMarlin2003- Joe Dillon

24) Malman- Rick Vanden Hurk

25) Beetle- Ross Wolf

26) UMFan4Life7- Wilson Delgado

27) SHUfishfan- Jarrett Santos

28) MarlinscontinueToShowDominance- Les Walrong

29) fanofthefish- J.T. Restko

30) miguelcabrera2420- James Shanks

31) buccanes- James Russ

32) strandedx02- Paul Mildren




Draft can begin when Maverick makes his pick. After that each member has 18 hours to make a pick. If you don't make your pick in the alotted 18 hours you will be skipped.


A draftee cannot be a Top 10 in the Marlins organization according to Baseball America.


Good luck.

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Guest Moneyball



1. Jeremy Hermida, of

2. Scott Olsen, lhp

3. Yorman Bazardo, rhp

4. Jason Stokes, 1b

5. Josh Willingham, c/1b

6. Eric Reed, of

7. Taylor Tankersley, lhp

8. Jason Vargas, lhp

9. Robert Andino, ss

10. Trevor Hutchinson, rhp

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