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Star Wars-MLB Connection...

Guest Fritz

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Guest Fritz

Darth Vader and Barry Bonds




Is there a more feared hitter in the baseball galaxy? Pitchers intentionally walk Bonds so he won?t swat their fastballs into the stands. And Bonds has a dark side -- not just the steroid allegations that threaten his stature as the greatest player of all time, but also his personality. Abrasive with fans, the media and his teammates, Bonds seems to only care about Bonds. Yet, like Anakin, he started out with so much promise. But as Anakin?s slaying of the Jedis endangered the galaxy, the steroid whispers have threatened all of baseball. We're sure many Giants fans still feel the good in Bonds. Perhaps he can be turned back to the Force?


Emperor Palpatine and George Steinbrenner




Could it have been anyone else? Admin Lucchino coined this comparison and though it?s been overused, it's apt. Palpatine controls the Senate, and behind the scenes he cements his power by seducing the young Anakin to the Dark Side. He wants everyone in the galaxy working for him. If there is a high-priced free agent on the market, Steinbrenner will pursue him using any means necessary and dispatch his personal Vader -- Brian Cashman. Yet Palpatine overreaches in Return of the Jedi and his greedy pursuit of Luke proves to be his downfall. Has Steinbrenner finally overextended his own empire?


Boba Fett and Scott Boras




Who's to say a Bounty Hunter and a sports agent aren?t the same thing? Boba Fett took Han Solo hostage; Boras does likewise with owners during salary negotiations. Too bad Boras won't join Boba Fett in Sarlacc?s belly. Sarlacc swallowed him in 1983 -- which means he'll continue to digest him for 978 years.


Chewbacca and Johnny Damon




Get it? They're both hairy. They are also the quasi-sex symbols for their respective franchises. Chewy returns in Episode III and is all over TV thanks to the Cingular Wireless commercials. When was the last time Damon wasn't on the cover of a magazine or strutting for the Queer Eye guys?


Pretty darn funny and quite accurate.

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