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Do you want to see a fight this upcoming series?

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What's with all these people voting yes?


Fights are pathetic. Play baseball like men, not like a bunch of schoolyard kids.


And if being embarassed for your team isn't enough to make you not want to see a fight, just consider that if a fight does happen, we will almost surely go into the next series shorthanded. And you might even get to see Logan Kensig start a game...so just chew on that.

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Guest Juanky

Josh was 100% right tonight. No way Lofton shoulding be showing up Josh like that after a homer, much less a full count nobody on walk where ball four just barely missed being strike three.

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Funny moment at the game. When the benches cleared, the Phillies bullpen was standing up, outside the bullpen wall, ready to sprint in if needed, and Cabrera, playing left, got in Billy Wagner's face and mockingly put up his fists as if to start a fight with him. He was joking around with fellow Venezuelan Tomas Perez also, who was chilling in the pen during that part of the game. Really funny.

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