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RAW 5/23

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Interesting in that we've never seen Lita really do an in-your-face interview like that. She was actually better as a heel I thought than as a face in her promos, which still isn't saying much....The 2-on-1 was an interesting concept in that Jericho "was late arriving to the arena," building on his "I don't care" attitude from last week....


The Masters/Stevie match was kinda sad, knowing how popular Stevie is/has been and how unpopular Masters is....Didn't see much of the Jericho/La Resistance match, but it seems Jericho is playing the heel....The whole Bischoff/Vince/Heyman thing was interesting, if not a bit long. I still wonder how many hardcore ECW fans will watch, knowing it's under the WWE banner and RAW guys will be there to "invade"....


I'm surprised how short the ECW Rules match was....Don't tell me the payoff of the Viscera angle was that he beats up Coach....Batista/Edge was okay, and I thought Christian would run away with the briefcase. Triple H couldn't even stay away for, what, 2 weeks?

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