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Kidman's Injury Status


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-- Many are worried that Billy Kidman?s body may be falling apart due to years in the ring, he has been getting what seems like one injury after another. Both a quad injury and a shoulder injury are currently keeping the 30 year-old SmackDown star out of action.


-- It was obvious to everyone backstage that Vince McMahon was blown away by the ECW PPV. But of course, he didn?t let anyone know that. The general consensus is that Vince doesn?t know what to do next with ECW.


-- Chris Jericho intentionally used a lot of moves at the ECW PPV that he doesn?t typically use in WWE, because he saw ahead of time that the fans were looking for something different than his WWE style. Unfortunately, Rey Mysterio didn?t foresee this, and ended up getting booed every time he did his WWE signature move, the 619.



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