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If you would like to support MarlinsBaseball.com, there are several ways you can do so and all are appreciated.


Donations can be made via Amazon, PayPal, Personal Check or Money Order. For every $5 dollars you donate, you will be given 1 month as VIP. If you donate $50 you will be given a full 12 months (2 months free)


Amazon Link


PayPal donations can be sent to [email protected]


VIP Benefits include:


Name Colors

Custom User Titles

Ability to Delete own topics

Additional PM Storage

No Flood Control

Open/Close own topics

and more...


At the end of your VIP term, you will be moved into the "Supporters" group permenately which will show all other users you supported the site at one time as well as allow you to keep some of the benefits of being a VIP.


I ask that you contact me whenever you donate so that I can hook you up with your benefits and be able to thank you for the support.


In addition to the above, you can help out the site by using the following link when buying items from Amazon.com. If you click this link before shopping the site will earn a commission on the sale and it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for supporting MarlinsBaseball.com!

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