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6/21 Florida Marlins @Atlanta Braves -- 7:35


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More stuff to chew on from that idiot Braves fan I know coming into the series..


On Davies:


who knew u could have 7 games in ur career, and have just 3 bad game, and u be considered horrible. i mean, he shut down the Bo Sox and the Mets in his 1st 2 ML starts. then he gave up 2 runs aginst Washington, and shut down the Pirates. then he gave up 4 runs vs Oakland, 6 runs vs Texas, and 5 run vs Cincy. i mean, i dont think u could really say he blows. i mean, hes better than the Marlin Al Leiter!


btw, hows about Kelly Johnson? started his career goin 1-30, and since the Texas series started, hes gone 10-24 (.417) with 3 HRs (1 GS) and 11 RBIs. his BA is up to .204 now. his OBP has been really good since he got called up imo. his OBP is .348 right now.


Kelly Johnson NL Player of the week. got his BA over .200 now!


On Kelly Johnson:


tell that 2 the Rangers and Reds who Kelly Johnson has crused in the past 2 series! and u know what, im just goin 2 stop aruguin with all u people. yall just try 2 piss me off cuz thats how yall get yalls jolly. well get a life, and stop tryin 2 post stuff 2 get a guy who u will never meet all pissed off, cuz really, i dont care what yall think or say anymore......


On the Braves:


what i dont under stand is, how come people cant get in through there heads that the Braves have 1 of the best farm systems in baseball, and they can come up from the majors and produce. we got 3 guys on the roster this year that went from AA to the ML this season.......Blaine Boyer, Jorge Vasquez, and Brian McCann. all 3 of them have done a good job since commin 2 the majors 2. and almost the rest of the team has come from AAA Richmond. so really, u can call the Atlanta Braves the Mississippi/Richmond Braves, cuz like there whole roster is full of prospects. and the best thing is, we r only 4.5 games out of 1st place, better than the Marlins and the Mets. and even if the streek does end at 13, we will be built 4 the future with all these prospects bein able 2 play as much as they r this year.


Trash Talking the Marlins:


the Marlins r so much better, they r behind the Braves in the standings lol



God I hope we sweep them.

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I love it when the Marlins play the Braves, because I can actually watch the Fish on TV...and the best part about living near Charleston, SC is that we get TBS, Fox SportsSouth, and Turner South...so I'll never miss a Braves/Fish game. Now if I could only find time to get out to Atlanta to see them in person...

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