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Trade Breakdown


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As the All-Star game approaches, trade discussions are going to heat up and some big names will be moving around. Cincinnati most likely will move one of their outfielders, and other out-of-contention teams will be looking to reconstruct.


Seeing that the Marlins offense isn't clicking as it should, the Marlins with some decent pitching prospects and maybe a starting player or two, can having a good chance of bidding for any of these hitters. This list was compiled by me, and I think they are the most likely to be traded.


I did not make a pitchers list because I believe (and have learned from personal experience) that almost any pitcher, anywhere, and anytime, can be sacrificed by their team.


Available Hitters:

#3 Eric Chavez

#8 Carl Everret

#17 Todd Helton

#19 Aubrey Huff

#21 Sean Casey

#26 Wily Mo Pena

#28 Austin Kearns

#29 Mike Sweeney

#30 Ken Griffey JR

#35 Frank Thomas

#44 Adam Dunn

#44 Preston Wilson

#44 Mike Cameron

#50 Matt Lawton


Things to keep in mind:

+The Marlins want to move Guillermo Mota

+The Marlins want to move Juan Encarnacion

+The FO is dissapointed with J. Pierre and M. Lowell and they could just as well be on the trading block.


Discuss. :mischief

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Why would the white sox trade anyone? Carl Everett or Frank Thomas? That team doesn't seem to need anything. Thomas is just getting back from his injury but no reason to trade him. And I would not want Everett in this team. That guy is a wacko. Just read his Maxim interview. He doesn't believe that Dinossaurs ever existed among other things. Full of conpiracy theories.

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Putting aside where he is in his career, and the fact he's exclusively a 1B/DH I would have loved to see "The Big Hurt" in a Marlins uni at some point in his career. When he hits one gone, they stay gone !


Aubrey Huff is having just a horrible year which if you subscribe to the thinking that he's therefore undervalued as are many Marlins trade candidates, may him more attainable. One has to wonder how a guy who's hit so many homeruns the last three years can have only four this season, unless he's another steroid baby come down to earth.

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