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Full Contents of Hardcore Homecoming DVD


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Hardcore Homecoming issued the following statement:


For those who were asking about the event description of the upcoming Hardcore Homecoming DVD on other websites, the following information is the first and only official statement regarding its contents from the producers of Hardcore Homecoming.


DVD contents include:


Tod Gordon Introduction


Hardcore Homecoming Opening Video


Joey Styles, Cyrus, and Joel Gertner welcome the fans to Hardcore Homecoming


CW Anderson & Simon Diamond vs Mikey Whipwreck and Chris Chetti


Tracy Smothers w/JT Smith vs The Blue Meanie


"Fallen Heroes of Hardcore" tribute video and Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Public Enemy's Johnny Grunge, and Tammy Sytch


The hardcore brawl featuring Kronus, Ian and Axl Rotten, and the arrival of the original gangsta, New Jack!


Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (w/Jason)


Raven (w/The Blue Meanie and the Musketeer) vs The Sandman


The Original 3-Way Dance rematch - No Rope Barbwire - Special referee Mick Foley! Terry Funk vs Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) vs "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (w/Francine)


Also appearing: Roadkill and Danny Doring, Jaz, Don E. Allen, and 911


Extras include: The arrival of Hat Guy, backstage footage, footage from the tailgate party, the post show Q&A featuring Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, and Tammy Sytch, (who gives a special treat to an auction winner), Blue Meanie's take on the entire weekend and exclusive hospital photos, a post show interview with Axl Rotten, and more!


For more, visit www.HardcoreHomecoming.com.

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