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Future of ECW


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Credit: PWTorch.com


SmackDown! last night finished fourth place in the Fast National ratings, according to Zap2It.com. This week's show, which scored a 3.1 rating, beat out FOX (2.2), and The WB (1.5) for the time, but finished behind NBA and ABC (both at 3.6). CBS of course won the night with ease, doing a 6.8 on the time. Among adults 18-49, SmackDown! finished in second place at 2.0 tied with NBC ahead of ABC's 1.9 and FOX's 1.5.


As we reported earlier today, early estimates for the ECW One Night Stand pay-per view buyrate are around 260,000. Linda McMahon confirmed these figures, which puts to rest some early rumored numbers going around, some claiming the show did as much as 500,000 buys. Even though it's not as overwhelmingly successful as originally thought, the show is still considered a success on a financial level, with justification for doing a second similar reunion-style ECW PPV next year at the very least.


As we reported this week, RAW top writer Brian Gewirtz's last day with the WWE writing team was this past Monday. Gewirtz is now moving to the movie script division of WWE. Sources claim Gewirtz was simply burned out from the schedule, and has been ready for a creative change for some time now.

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