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Stupid name but I figured I'd post true stories from wrestling that are rarely reported on.


Here are just a few...


- Pat Patterson is gay and it's rumored he and the brooklyn brawler are a long time couple.


- The Chris Benoit/Kevin Sullivan feud back from WCW 1996 was actually based a on a true story. Kevin Sullivan's wife known as Women in WCW and ECW was cheating on Sullivan with Benoit. Eventually she would leave Sullivan for Benoit. When Sullivan retired he worked behind the scenes in WCW, eventually working his way up to booker in 2000. Chris Benoit outraged by this and fearing Sullivan would blackball him left WCW on the same night that he had won the world title against Sid Vicious.


- Before hitting it big as HHH, Paul Leveresque was known in WCW as Terra Ryzin in which he would act like an animal. Before becoming a star of hardcore as Justin Credible, Pete Polaco worked for WWF as Aldo Montoya in which he wore a yellow jockstrap over his face.


- The reason Shawn Michaels never appeared at Wrestlemania 13 was because Shawn was scheduled to lose the title to Sid Vicious after he had just won it back and then have a rematch from last year's wrestlemania with Bret. He refused to let it happen and told the crowd the reason he wouldn't be wrestling was because "he lost his smile" and that was his reason for dropping the title.


- Another Shawn Michael powerplay story, their was the infamous time where Shawn Michaels was layed out by sailors in A Syracuse night club. He was injured and at the time he held The IC Title. So Vince gave it to Shane Douglas. Shawn and the rest of the clique(HHH, Nash, Hall) objected to this and had Vince make Douglas drop the title to Hall despite the fact that Douglas was set up for a huge push. Douglas quit the company in disgust. Hall would later get what was coming too him as after he was released from WCW for being a severe alcholic he went to an ECW PPV in Tampa only to be thrown out by Shane Douglas.


- Eric Bischoff fired Steve Austin due to the fact that he felt Austin did not have enough charisma and who was unmarketable. Stone Cold would go on to become the highest grossing wrestler of all time and the man who won the monday night wars for The WWE.


- The Original owner and founder of the independent Ring of Honor Rob Feinstein was caught in an sting in which Feinstein tryed to convince a 13 year old boy to meet him for sex. The 13 year old boy was an undercover cop. ROH too this date is still trying to live down this moment.


- After Lex Luger had called police to inform them that his live in girlfriend Miss Elizabeth had passed out and was not breathing. He was so wasted, he couldn't help the dying Elizabeth or hide his huge stash of steroids that was left lying around.


- Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake had hit hard times in 2003. So much so that he was forced to take a job as a fare collector. When someone found a large bag of white powder in his booth they believed it to be Anthrax and called the police. When Bruti arrived on the scene he told police "Oh, don't worry it's not Anthrax. It's just my cocaine stash".


- Back in the 80's The Iron Sheik and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were locked in a bitter feud. Which is why it came a shock to the world when both men were stopped with car full of marijuana. The heavy publicized report essentially ended both men's status as main eventers.


That my freinds, is wrestling.



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