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Lesnar COmments On Return


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From WWE.com:


A more mature Lesnar ready for return

July 6, 2005


WWE fans have not seen Brock Lesnar since his WrestleMania XX match against Goldberg. Shortly afterwards, the former WWE Champion left the sports-entertainment world in favor of pursuing an NFL career. Today, however, Lesnar has confirmed that he is scheduled to meet with Vince McMahon tomorrow to talk about a possible return to the ring.


?I?m excited about getting my working boots on and getting back to business,? Lesnar told WWE.com during a phone interview.


While Lesnar is excited about a return to the ring, he realizes that nothing is definite. ?I don?t know what?s going to happen tomorrow in the meeting,? said Lesnar. ?I don?t know if I?m returning to WWE, I really don?t. In order for this to happen, it has to work for both Vince and myself.?


A return to WWE may come as a shock to some fans, as the Internet has been buzzing recently about the rumors of a strained relationship between Lesnar and McMahon. ?We need to get on the same page,? admitted Lesnar, regarding their relationship. ?There?s some hard feelings on both ends of this. Sometimes it takes a little time to heal. We?ll know more tomorrow.?


The former WWE Superstar admits that some of the responsibility rests on him. ?I had some maturing to do. There comes a time in everybody?s life when you have to grow up? said Lesnar. ?But professional wrestling is in my blood. I may have second guessed it in the past, but I know it now.?


Be sure to check back here as more information on Brock Lesnar?s meeting with Vince McMahon becomes available.

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