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The Official Home Run Derby Thread


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Hee Seop is my pick... pretty easy swing.


Big Papi puts so much torque in every swing i dont think he can keep itup for all those rounds.


Remember when Garrett Anderson won it all? No one thought he would but he had such a free and easy swing and didn't really exert that much energy it seemed like.

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I dont get what is so bad about the format.


Sure, Tejada, the defending champion not being there is a dissapointment but MLB went after him and he declined to give Ortiz a chance.


I like the idea of seeing a guy like Jason Bay get to compete in this game, he is having a good year on a team that doesnt get the pub. It'd be cool for him if he is able to go deep in the contest.


Thye have the top home run hitter in the game (Jones), The no. 4 (Lee & Teixeira), The no. 5 (Ortiz), no. 8 (Abreu), no. 10 (Bay). I-Rod will probably pull out do to an injured finger and Ichiro is probably the player I most want to see in this thing.


The format of the derby is the exact thing...except they represent their country instead of their league.


Derrek Lee is hurt and Pudge and Tejada are omissions, but overall I like this field and think it will be a good as usual event.

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Ichiro Suzuki turned down an invitation to the Home Run Derby.

''I only have six home runs,'' Suzuki said. ''The players that enter the Home Run Derby have the good numbers to go in. I told them, 'If I had 20 homers I would enter.' I don't.'' Jul. 9 - 11:23 am et

Source: Seattle Times

c/o Rotoworld

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