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Jonny Gomes...


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I don't know...the Tigers are a pretty laid back team outside of Pudge.


He was excited, it was his first walk-off...yes, he may have gone a little too far, but I see no problem with it, baseball should be fun.


Pudge was PISSED though.

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I agree with you. I didnt see the problem and Pudge pulled out the classless card by yelling at someone who just won the game with an absolute BLAST. With Maroth pitching tomorrow, I do expect Gomes to get hit, because Pudge is the team leader per se, and I would imagine what he says pretty much goes with the pitching staff.

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The homerun was 480 i think...he KILLED the ball.


I would be pissed too if I was on the Tigers and knew that my team couldn't get RISP home to have the game won by the 9th inning. So friggin' frustrating.


Oh well, Maroth is a nice guy, I'd be surprised to see anything happen.

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Mark, I was out so I didint catch it, what happend?



4-3 in the ninth...1 out.


Travis Lee gets a bloop single.


Johnny Gomes hits a Percival fastball 480 feet...hit the top of the damn restaurant in centerfield...game over, 5-4 Rays.


Gomes got excited, stood and watched the blast, flipped the bat, walked to first base, signaled to the bench to come on out, then threw his helmet up in the air on the way to home plate.


Pudge took exception and had some words as he rounded third.

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