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Day 5 at WSOP Main Event


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If you want to wait till the tv broadcast to see it don't look below. After day 4 here are the top 20.


























Rod Pardey Jr Las Vegas, NV $464,000

James Pollack Charlotte, NC $447,500

Tim Phan Westminster, CA $445,500

Bryan Stellwagen Huntington, NY $377,200

Bob Hotchandani Belize $372,700

Lee Watkinson Cheney, WA $336,800

Jon Lane Osh Kosh, WI $331,800

Russ Salzer New York $326,000

Greg "Fossilman" Raymer Stonington, CT $318,700

Yakov Hirsch Brooklyn, NY $318,100

Hunter Pappas Birmingham, AL $314,300

Klaus Agesen Aarhus $307,000

Kevin Mason Weehawken, NJ $297,400

Michael ?The Grinder? Mizrachi Hollywood, FL $294,800

Jim Pittman Yorba Linda $289,200

Graeme Harrison Penicuik, Near Edinburgh $281,500

Daniel Bergsdorf Umea $278,600

Willy-Will' Failla Commack, NY $278,500

Jeffrey Dziedzic Stewartsville, NS $275,400

Gabe Walls Indianapolis, IN $267,200

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The Fossil Man is at the top. Also, Phil Ivey is making his move.


Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer Stonington, CT $1,064,000

Rodney Pardey Jr. Las Vegas, NV $1,041,000

Brad Kondracki Kingston, PA $962,500

Johnny Howard Lexington Park, MD $910,500

Bob Larsen Milwaukee, WI $796,500

Tim Phan Westminster $746,000

Phil Ivey $722,500

Steve Marx Bellevue, WA $679,500

S Bartholomew London, UK $659,000

Gabe Wells Indianapolis, IN $655,500

Bryan Stelbuger Huntington, NY $648,500

Oskar Silow Goteborg, Sweden $638,000

Bob Hotchandani Belize $627,500

Raymi Sanchez Thorn Stockholm, Sweden $595,500

Manelic Minaya Tampa, FL $594,500

Tex Barch McKinney, TX $590,000

Jon Lane Osh Kosh, WI $585,000

James Ocson Fair Oaks $583,000

David Bergsdorf Umea $579,500

Tom Sartori Buffalo, NY $574,500

James Pollack Sharlotte, NC $557,500

Karlo Lopez Puerto Rico $556,500

Terry Burt Mesa, AZ $550,500

Joe Berry Wister, OK $542,500

James Buff Buckley, WA $

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