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Jackie Gayda Comments on Release


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The following message was posted on Jackie Gayda's official website.


July 10, 2005


What does not kill you makes you stronger.


I was asked over and over and over again....."are you okay; if you need time I understand; everything happens for a reason"..... - my one and only reply is, "WHEN ONE DOORS CLOSES, ANOTHER IS WIDE OPEN..AWAITING YOU!"


As most of you have found out, I am no longer with the WWE. It has truly been a dream come true and if nothing else the gateway into the rest of my life.


Certain things come and go in life, whether it be people, jobs, material objects - you name it. For me, yes, I will miss the last few years of my life within the world of WWE. I have made lifetime friends, lifetime memories, I have even been as fortunate as my lifetime companion! I want to thank each and every one of you that has watched and followed me through my Tough Enough 1 tryouts all the way through my WWE career; although, you have only seen the very beginning!


The experience I have had I would never take back but only embrace - well, portions of it!! In all seriousness, without trying times, without trial and error, without the bad times, no one can ever understand and experience the good.


So, what I have to say is, always hold your head high, follow your heart and not your head... (be ready and prepared at times to wait for answers, they will be unveiled) and after all, mom does know best!


I appreciate each and every opportunity that has crossed my path within the past few years, some of which that I have taken, some of which I have not. Many I have learned the hard way, however, some of which have come along that I still do not think that I deserve but that I am now and will be forever grateful for.


Once again, I thank you all for following me throughout my WWE career. Although remember, the best is yet to come!


Love Always and All Ways,


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