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Ok, im traveling to Key West for a week. Is there any way i can get internet on my laptop in the car on the way over there?


I have an HP Wireless Laptop, Windows XP. I have a wireless router, and i use Comacst Cable as my ISP(Cable High speed internet).


Hey i have the same exact things as you,and i think you can get internet if there's a router around you somewhere,but i don't know if you can get it while in the car,maybe at the resort but the car i doubt it.

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how can i put my router in the house im renting over there? It has to have somekind of internet....comcast is at my house. So i connect the router in the house and it will work?




you still have to have some sort of isp in the house you will be at.



simply connecting a router doesnt do crap without the service itself.

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