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Statistical Ranking of Burnett

The Swede

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This thread is for everyone who is fooled by the importance of win-loss record. Today, in the Wall Street Journal, there was a piece about the 10 most effective pitchers in the first half using the BABE (Bases Per Batter) Rating. The 9th and 10th most effective were Willis and Burnett. Also, the difference between number 10 Burnett and number 6 Patterson was only a few bases/percentage points. This stat puts big strikeout guys and control pitchers who don't SO or BB on the same footing, and Burnett was still 10th in baseball.


If someone looks at all the stats that analyze how effective a pitcher has been and not how his team scores for him, Burnett is not just a top pitcher, but an ace.


(If someone has an online subscription to the Journal please post it. The article is in the W section next to the crossword.)

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BABE Rankings for First Half of 2005:


1. Clemens .310

2. Martinez .322

3. Halladay .342

4. Buehrle .365

5. Harden .368

6. Patterson .370

7. Morris .371

8. Carpenter .375

9. Willis .376

10. Burnett .377




Pretty good crew right there, promise you he ain't on that list after last night though.

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This is how I feel about, and I've felt like this way before last night's start. I've always like Burnett, but so far all he's done is underachieve according to his potential. He is already 28 years old and made his debut back in 99, so he can already be consider a veteran, a young veteran, but a veteran none the less. The ammount of money he is expected to collect next year will be based on a reputation he hasn't earned.


So looking at what he's accomplished and what he'll make I think it is fair to say he will be overpayed. Let somebody else do that. We can't be paying for potential that we have been waiting for 6 years to pan out.


BTW, he's failed to go into the 7th inning in 10 of his 18 starts.

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