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Troy Percival's Career May Be Over


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When Troy Percival came to Detroit, he thought he would finish his career here. That might come a lot sooner than he intended.


Percival, 35, who went on the disabled list for the second time this season because of a partial tear of a muscle in his throwing arm, plans to fly to Los Angeles today or tomorrow to meet with Dr. Lewis Yocum, the Angels' team doctor. The appointment is tentatively scheduled for Monday, and Percival would get an MRI and then fly back to Detroit Tuesday or Wednesday while the team is in Chicago.


"It's gotten to the point where you have to think of the team," Percival said Friday. "It's been hurting me since I came back, which they told me to expect, but it kept getting worse. I thought maybe it would get better over the break but I haven't thrown since Saturday and it hurts more now than it had been hurting."


If he has to have surgery, the recovery period would be 10-12 months. Percival, who signed a two-year deal, admitted this could be a career-ending injury.


"It's crossed my mind," Percival said. "I'm not ready to deal with that just yet. I've got other skills and things that I would like to do. But right now, all I want to do is play baseball."


One thing that upsets Percival is that he hasn't been able to make the Tigers better because he has been out so much.


"I came here to get this team to the next level," Percival said. "If I never throw another pitch again, I'd be content with what I've done, but not what I've done here."


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