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ESPN Radio reporting three way trade

Guest Juanky

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Guest Juanky

Florida gets:

Bronson Arroyo

Kelly Shoppach

Sean Burroughs


Boston Gets:

AJ Burnett

Mike Lowell


San Diego Gets:

Abe Alvarez


Ugh, I hate this deal if it's true. I'm hoping it's ESPN radio blowing smoke.

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Guest Juanky

This is the best deal we can get! Im happy with it. Shoppach is better than Treanor! Arroyo isn't too much worse than AJ and Burroughs can hit .300.

Are you serious?


You're happy to be receiving a back up catcher? For a third baseman and an Ace?


What a s***ty f***ing trade. I think I'm going to go cry this is so f***ing horrible.


Please don't be true.

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why would you love it wild?


Umm because it saves us 7.5 mil for Lowell and AJ IS NOT coming back next year and we get a good starter for him.


Beinfest does it again!



You get a solid number 3-4 guy for one year. Then he leaves for FA. So how does this assist us in the long run? Or do you like it because he is a key west guy?

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this is awful


burroughs is a light hitting third basemen......he basically has lowell's numbers but a higher BA.........and we dont need him with cabs!!


shoppack is also terrible, he's only good as a minor leaguer....and, oh yeah, we have lo duca!!!


what is this, this can not possibly be true, beinfest would never do this, i'd hope he's trying to make other people up their offers

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