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Chris Carpenter does it again..


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Chris pitched a complete game 3 hit shutout against Roger Clemens and Houston.. The game took only 1 HR 59 MIN today. He's got 4 complete games and 4 shutouts after this game. He's now 14-4 lowered his ERA to 2.34. He struck out 9 raising his season total to 137. His WHIP of 1.07 lowered to 1.02.


Since June 14th he's gave up 2 runs in 50.2 IP. He's on a 6 game win streak in that stretch.


He's 29-9 with a 2.98 ERA as a Cardinal..


Ok I'll quite my rumbling but I just wanted to say I've never ever thought Carpenter would do this as a Cardinal. I guess that's the reason why I made this thread. :lol

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Who would have thought they'd be the first 2 to make 14 wins?? Amazing...



Certainly not me.. I thought Carpenter was solid last year and easily our best pitcher last year but this year he's just sick (along with Morris). Never expected this outta Chris when we signed him.. Heck I didnt even think he'd pitch in a St. Louis uniform :blink: .. Talk about a gamble that has paid off.

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