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No Surrender Results


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No Surrender Results! Rhino Debuts, Attacking Raven! PPV Results

July 17th, 2005 23:23

TNA No Surrender Results

By: Chris ?The Authority? Schultz


Jerelle Clark vs. Shocker

The night got started with some X Division action with Mexico?s finest, Shocker vs. the athletic, Jerelle Clark. This was a high flying affair with action both in and out of the ring. Shocker was just too much for the young Clark and got the small package for the victory.

Winner: Shocker


Shane & Alex Shelley w/ Traci vs. America?s Most Wanted

?Wildcat? Chris Harris and ?Cowboy? James Storm proved early on in the match, just why they are the most successful team in the history of TNA. Even with all the experience going the way of AMW, both Shane and Shelley worked perfect as a team and mounted a comeback. Traci also got involved during the match serving as a huge distraction to both Harris and Storm. Even Traci?s shoes got involved and were used as a weapon to try and finish off the former NWA Tag Team Champions. AMW got the victory with James Storm hitting Alex Shelley with a huge superkick to the jaw. Shane got the last laugh with a superkick of his own to Storm.

Winner: AMW


Sharkboy vs. Mickey Batts vs. ?Primetime? Elix Skipper vs. Sonjay Dutt

A lot was on the line in this huge X-Division matchup. The winner gets a spot in the second annual Super X Cup Tournament. It?s tough to keep up in a match with such great athletes that have no fear for their own safety. Sonjay Dutt got the win with an amazing move off the top rope on top of Mickey Batts.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt


Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Apolo and Sonny Siaki

Simon had a problem again tonight. He was out to prove that David Young was a major talent to be reckoned with in TNA despite his much publicized losing streak. I guess you could say Young made Simon proud after pulling off some very impressive moves during the night. Diamond and Young nearly had the victory in hand after Young delivered a viscous spine buster on Siaki. However, Apolo was the legal man. The big man from Puerto Rico then finished it off by surprising an unsuspecting David Young crashing him to the canvas floor.

Winner: Apolo & Sonny Siaki


Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Since his arrival in TNA, Samoa Joe has been nothing short of fantastic in the ring. Tonight, he had a chance to add to his winning streak by taking on one of the X Division?s finest, Chris Sabin. Joe used his size and raw power to gain the early advantage on former X-Division Champion, Sabin. It didn?t take long for Sabin to realize he would have to go to the air to take down the giant Samoan. Sabin did the unbelievable by surviving through 3 different submission hold that Samoa Joe had him in. However, the submission specialist, Samoa Joe, was able to choke out Sabin with the Kankida Cluth.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Team Canada (A1, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode) vs. The Naturals & Lance Hoyt

Team Canada was out for blood tonight looking for a little payback on Lance Hoyt for what he did to their leader Scott D?Amore at last month?s Slammiversary. Hoyt aligned himself with the NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Naturals, who again were accompanied by their new mentor/manager ?The Mouth of the South? Jimmy Hart. It turned out to be a very even match up in the early going with neither team able to take the advantage. The big Lance Hoyt cleaned house once tagged in, but the Red and White were able to get the victory by taking Jimmy Hart?s megaphone and using it to knock out both The Naturals.

Winner: Team Canada


?The Alpha Male? Monty Brown & Kip James vs. 3 Live Kru (?The Truth? Ron Killings & Konnan)

This was a huge tag team match with a lot of bad blood between the two teams. The big question remaining, whose side was BG James really on. Would he eventually run with his former tag team partner Kip James, or would he stay loyal to his boys in the Kru. The match got messy right away as Kip was busted open early on in the encounter. Monty Brown got the Pounce on Killings for the victory as BG James stood at the top of the ramp. Kip called his former ally down to the ring and gave him a chair to do more damage to the unconscious Killings. James grabbed the chair, but couldn?t go through with it. BG left the arena leaving fans still puzzled as to what side he is on.

Winner: Kip James and Monty Brown


?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman w/ special guest referee Jerry Lynn

Waltman against Styles was considered by many to be a dream match and boy did they deliver. Not only did both athletes put on a magnificent show, Jerry Lynn was in the ring to call it down the line. Lynn was no stranger to either athlete as he competed with Styles years ago here in TNA and against Waltman, dating back to the beginning of both their careers. Waltman actually kicked out of the Styles Clash towards the end of the match, but Styles was out to one up him, by kicking out of the X-Factor. Waltman brought a steel chair into the ring, but Lynn stopped him from doing any damage with it on Styles. After arguing with Lynn about what he did, Waltman was rolled up for the 3 count by Styles. After the match was over, Sean Waltman looked up at Jerry Lynn with hatred in his eyes.

Winner: AJ Styles


?The Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels vs. ?The Canadian Destroyer? Petey Williams for the NWA X Division Championship

This match was truly a treat for the wrestling fan. Former X-Division Champion, Petey Williams tried to steal the advantage by bringing fellow Canadian and teammate A1 to the ring. Although the numbers game was against Daniels, The Fallen Angel rose to the challenge. These two put on a wrestling clinic for close to 20 minutes. Samoa Joe came out to observe the match and possibly a future opponent. A1 snuck some brass knucks into Petey Williams, but Daniels was one step ahead pulling a chain out and wrapping around his wrists. Daniels took the first shot and knocked Williams to the canvas and than pulled off the BME for the victory to retain the X-Title.

Winner: Christopher Daniels


Abyss w/ Father Mitchell vs. Raven for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in a Steel Chain Dog Collar Match

This match was as violent and barbaric as you can get. Raven filled the ring with steel chairs, while Abyss just batted them away. The blood began flowing after Raven brought out the staple gun and put some staples in the forehead of the monster, Abyss. It wasn?t long before Raven himself wore a crimson mask. Tables, chairs, staple guns, chains, and tacs! Everything these men could use to hurt their opponent worse, they did. Cassidy Riley (Raven?s newest supporter) came down to help him out, but was sent crashing through a table below. Raven then powerbombed Abyss on the tacs from the top rope. Unbelievable!!!!! Raven retained the title with an Evenflow DDT to Abyss on the tacs.

Winner: Raven


Jeff Jarrett then came out to the ring and had some choice words for the Champ. Jarrett then told Raven to turn around and he was met with a Gore by Rhino!!!!!!!!! Rhino has made his TNA debut, putting down the NWA World Heavyweight Champion as the Pay-Per-View went off the air!




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