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If we're sellers, call the Red Sox


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The Red Sox have just been passed by the Yankees. If they want to defend their title, they're going to need help, IMO. I know the Red Sox consider Ramirez untouchable, but maybe they'll change their mind with the Yankees surgering past them. I know they plan to move Renteria to 2B for Ramirez, but they'll be fine at SS if they did trade Ramirez.


AJ/Easley/Todd Jones/Josh Johnson for Hanley Ramirez/Arroyo


Bellhorn has been playing like crap this year and just went on the DL. Easley would be an upgrade at 2B for them.


Jones solidifies their bull pen and can close if Schilling's ankle heals up and allows him to start.


AJ is an upgrade from Arroyo and can be a dominant #2 behind Schilling for years to come.


Johnson is a solid SP prospect that could be in their rotation soon.





Ramirez can replace Gonzo next year and provide a great young nucleus with Cabrera and Hermida.


Arroyo is a solid #3 for us.




Before the bashing begins, I know it is unlikely the Sox will trade Ramirez. I just can't accept the fact we can't get more for AJ than the sorry deal the O's have offered us. :confused

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