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Latest on the Burnett trade rumors:


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Notes: O's continue Burnett negotiations

Inclusion of third baseman Lowell may be key in deal

By Gary Washburn / MLB.com


A.J. Burnett made his 19th start of the season for the Marlins on Tuesday night. (Luis M. Alvarez/AP)

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The trade that would send pitcher A.J. Burnett from the Marlins to the Orioles hinges on whether the Orioles are willing to take high-salaried third baseman Mike Lowell, according to two sources.

The Pirates were invited into the deal with the Marlins and Orioles hoping they would take Lowell and the two clubs would combine on paying a portion of the $21 million still remaining on his contract. But a Pirates source said the club has no interest in an aging, high-priced third baseman, especially when the organization is building for the future.


So now the Orioles are forced to figure out a way to acquire Burnett without having to take on Lowell, which is a Marlins condition of any deal. So the two sides were no closer to hammering out a deal, and executive vice president Jim Beattie didn't offer much insight.


"I have absolutely nothing to say," Beattie said.


Meanwhile, left fielder Admin Bigbie, believed to be involved in the deal, did not play for the second consecutive game. Orioles manager Lee Mazzilli said there was nothing to Bigbie missing two straight games.


"We were going with the same lineup as we did [on Monday] and we won," Mazzilli said. "That's it. Don't read between the lines."


Bigbie, reliever Jorge Julio, and pitching prospect Hayden Penn are speculated to be headed to Florida for Burnett and Lowell.


Burnett made his scheduled start on Tuesday at Arizona, while Lowell was in the lineup for the Marlins at third base.

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