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Day number, what seems, 1000 In "AJ Watch" 2005


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I was thinking about this a little after reading some of the topics of some of the threads. There are a few intangibles in this situation, there are also a few tangibles as well. I thought I would take this time to to dicifer the two out to limit some of the confusion. I know we are all getting caught up in this an I may be the only one but I have noticed that some of my other responsibilities have been slipping b/c I have been glued to the keyboard lately. I thought I could help save alot of time by maybe saying a few things that are obvious to some and not to others.




1. Who we deal with. He is available to anyone in MLB with the exception of inner Division.

2. Who else moves with him. Nothing is saying that Lowell will go with him. It could just as easily be Enc.

3. What we get in return. Nobody knows the answer to that.

4. The immediate timeline for a trade. If we continue to look good there is no rush to trade him till closer to july 31.


I know they all sound obvious. Its the Intangible that I think people will look at mostly.




1. That he will be gone Aug. 1. Any attempt at this point to keep him is futile and I think anyone who disagrees, Keep up the wishful thinking.

2. He is the best starting pitcher on the market. No one else out there compares.

3. This will not be the only deal made by the Marlins. Beinfest has to account for even the potential power that he would be losing if he traded Enc. or Mikey.

4. We wont walk away from this deal empty handed. Whether now or later we will be compensated.


and most importantly


5. We are in the drivers seat right now. Beinfest will set his price and someone will call. Why? Refer to number 2.


This has been one of the most competitive seasons I can remember Someone will give us what we ask for.

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