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Who is the best situational hitter on our team??


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I know there's a lot of different situations, and you may want to give different answers to different situations, but think as a whole who is best.


To me, there are only 2 pretty good choices, but for me one is hands down maybe the best in baseball. Loduca is very clutch, and is a good situational hitter as well, but Luis is amazing. There's probably not a player in baseball that knows his role better than Luis.


when we are down in late innings by more than 1 run how many times does the guy draw a walk and give our big guys a chance to tie it up?


with less than 2 outs he makes such good contact the runner will almost always score.


If you need a bunt who better than Luis?


You want him to move runners over and hit it to right field he can do it. The only reason he's not hitting leadoff is because he has much better bat control than Juan.


The only category Luis lacks in is RBI situations, but even then I think he does his job. He works the pitcher trying to draw a walk, and many times he does come through with hits.

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Luis Castillo


I think he is the besy situational hitter by far on our team, sure other players are clutch but Luis always knows what hes doing. If the bases are empty, he will almost surely try to take a walk, he can move runners over by the bunt, he can drive in runs by sac flies or by hitting the ball to the opposite side of the infield. And best of all bases loaded Luis is clutch... and he is not afraid to walk.

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Getting a guy from 2nd to 3rd, I trust Castillo the most out of anyone. He takes and takes pitches until he gets the best one to pull to 2nd base to advance the runner to 3rd. I don't trust him as much scoring a runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs because of lack of power, unless hes hitting from the right side.


I trust LoDuca a lot up there because he does a good job of hitting it deep to opposite field to score a runner.


With that being said, if I had to choose one person to be at the plate, It'd definitely be Cabrera.

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Guest Juanky

If I need an RBI in a close and late situation with runners on, I'll go with Lo Duca and then Cabrera/Delgado and that Enc guy.


For any other critical situation, I'm taking Luis Castillo.

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