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"O's, Marlins remain in trade-talk stalemate"


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O's, Marlins remain in trade-talk stalemate

Posted: July 23, 2005



The status of the Orioles' pursuit of Marlins righthander A.J. Burnett seems to change by the minute, but with the clubs again in a stalemate, the Marlins now are prepared to shop Burnett to other clubs without attaching third baseman Mike Lowell to the deal, Sporting News has learned.


The separation of the two will open up the market for Burnett, and the White Sox are certain to show renewed interest, along with the Red Sox, Padres and other clubs. The Marlins were unable to find a taker for Lowell, who is owed approximately $21 million through 2007, yet has the third lowest on-base/slugging percentage among major-league regulars.


The White Sox's desire to add Burnett stems in part from their uncertainty about entering the postseason with righthander Jose Contreras as their No. 4 starter. Burnett would join the front three of Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland and Freddy Garcia. The Marlins likely would seek lefthanded reliever Damaso Marte and Triple-A righthander Brandon McCarthy in the deal, and the White Sox also have several minor-league outfield prospects that interest other clubs.


The Orioles again seemed close to acquiring Burnett on Friday in a deal in which they would have landed Burnett, Lowell and Triple-A center fielder Eric Reed for relievers Jorge Julio and Steve Kline, outfielder Admin Bigbie and Double-A righthander Hayden Penn.


Orioles righthander Sidney Ponson also figured in the talks, and still could be traded to another team. Burnett, a free agent after this season, is considered the best starting pitcher available. The Orioles, however, have been reluctant to take on potential free agents without first signing them long-term.


Senior writer Ken Rosenthal covers baseball for the Sporting News. E-mail him at kenrosenthal@sportingnews.com.


This is great news, imo.

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Anyone else get the feeling that we're going to end up trading AJ for far less than he's worth, or we're going to be end up keeping him because we won't get "equal value" in return. Either way, I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed come August 1.



i actually think we are going to get the best value for him. i dont see the FO just settling. everyone knows he is the best available at this time. get the most for him or keep him :thumbup

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Reports yesterday said the White Sox werent going to trade Marte...Who knows.....


Anderson and McCarthy is still a good pickup for A.J. Gives us a okay - potentially very good - pitcher to slot in A.J.'s spot and addresses one of our weaknesses. If we can unload Lowell on them too, great, and if it means we have to take on Contreras' contract atleast it's quite the hindrance of Mikey's.

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