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My Tuesday Line-Up

Flag Man

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If Ency's not back tonight, then I partially agree with you. Otherwise it's easy to just plug Ency into the fifth spot tonight. If Ency's not back, then I would still go with Conine hitting in front of Miggy. Conine will get nothing to hit at all if he's hitting in front of Lowell. I would just move Sea Bass to fifth. Also, JP is succking it up big time... he needs to be moved down. This is my lineup:


1. Luis

2. Aguila

3. Conine

4. Miggy

5. Sea Bass

6. Lowell

7. JP

8. Treanor


This is an odd lineup, but Luis is a better leadoff hitter anyway because he gets on base so often. Aguila's been hitting better than JP.

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How about










The reason I suggested this is Lowell does make contact which is needed to move over runners. He would do well with the protection behind him of Cabrera. They would have to give him pitches to hit. He is used to he postion from the last few years of 3rd. It would also show him confidence and give cabrera protection of connie behind him. Alex would be right behind the other pair for solid. With treanor and the pitcher last.

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As much as Pierre is struggling, he really can't play at any other part of the order other than #1 or MAYBE #2. His basestealing is too valuable.


If he moves to #7 and he steals 2nd base, then they'll just walk the #8 hitter and get to the pitcher at the #9 spot. If only we were in the AL...

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Pierre CF

Castillo 2B

Cabrera LF

Conine 1B

Easley 3B

Gonzo SS

Aguila RF

Treanor C

A.J. P


Cab's needs someone behind him (besides Lowell.)

We lose some defense with Easley at 3rd but we gain potential offense.

Luis could use a day off. But, can't happen until we get our wounded back.

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