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There's no getting around testing

By Todd Jones - SportingNews


In case you didn't hear, Major League Baseball's drug testing policy is working. The sport got hit right in the face last week with something it had hoped to avoid: A star failed a drug test. Funny, now you're not hearing much about the policy's validity.


I didn't have my first test of the season until late July. One day, the Marlins were notified that tests would be administered. The next day, the head trainer received a list of guys who had been randomly picked by computer. I was on the list. It's not a rookie thing or a star thing as to who takes the test. And even after you're tested, you're not home free. You have to test every time the computer spits out your name. So, believe me, there's no conspiracy. Barry Bonds and Rafael Palmeiro go by the same testing rules as everyone else.


Once you're picked, you're asked to take the test at that time. Saying no is the same as a positive test, so no one says no. Our procedure probably isn't any different from most. A guy is waiting for you in the bathroom. You bring a form of ID and fill out paperwork. He then watches you take the test. That's the tough part.



What if you can't go? You wait. On the day you're tested, the club has no say till you're done. You stay near the bathroom and drink plenty of fluids. You're excused from batting practice or whatever until you can give a sample. So far, I haven't heard of a guy missing a game.


When the steroids stuff first broke, I wrote that I thought 5 to 10 percent of guys had used them. At the time, I believed that wholeheartedly. I guess I was wrong.


I expect Congress is going to grandstand and force MLB to stiffen the punishment. And I think most players would be in favor of commissioner Bud Selig's plan of 50 days for the first violation, 100 for the second and a lifetime ban for the third -- just give guys a window to get their act together and flush stuff out of their systems.


I contend that players were caught with steroids that had been in their bodies for a while. They could have taken them before the lay of the drug-testing land changed. If baseball proposed that the new penalties would go into effect on January 1, 2006, I believe all the players would vote to ratify.


For generations, we players never had to answer to anyone. As long as we played well, no one cared what we did. That has changed.


You might think, the heck with waiting till January -- let the players pay for what they've already done. No matter what your opinions are on the issue, I can't fault you. Like most players, I think we just don't know what to think or do.



thought it was interesting specially after the rumor last week about one of the "Big Fish" were caught.



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He then watches you take the test. That's the tough part.



That has to suck so bad, a bunch of grown men peeing in a cup and people watching them. Ugh... I'd hate to be the steroid tester guy :o


It's like that in the Army too and when I was at MEPS, the guy that watched was an a**hole so that made it even harder to pee.

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Well since the Marlins had a test at the end of July maybe someone did test positive recently :plain


That was a good article though and it is good to see that some players at least support Selig's 50/100/lifetime ban



I'm starting to get worried about this.


Cabrera has 2 hits on his last 16 ABs. Is he worried about something?

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I like Todd Jones but I never saw this until today:


"I wouldn't want a gay guy being around me," Jones told the paper. "It's got nothing to do with me being scared. That's the problem: All these people say he's got all these rights. Yeah, he's got rights or whatever, but he shouldn't walk around proud. It's like he's rubbing it in our face. 'See me, Hear me roar.' We're not trying to be close-minded, but then again, why be confrontational when you don't really have to be?"

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