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#4 Leeann Tweeden VS. #5 Scarlett Johansson


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#4 Leeann Tweeden


Nominated By: FeLo

What Is She Known For? Model and TV Personality

Approval Rating: 78%

Credentials: Won Bracket 3, Defeated Nautica Thorn, Jessica Biel, and Leah Remini





#5 Scarlett Johansson


Nominated By: -Ashley-

What Is She Known For? Star of such movies as 'Lost In Translation' and 'The Island'

Approval Rating: 68%

Credentials: Won Bracket 6, Defeated Lisa Kudrow, Marisa Tomei, and Katie Holmes





Please vote for who you think is hotter.

If you are not satisfied with the pictures...go to Google Image Search for more looks.

It'd be nice if everyone posted who they voted for and why if they want.


Let the voting begin!

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By far the toughest matchup so far in Babe Bowl 3, I guess that should be expected from a 4 v. 5...


I love Scarlett's bod and classy look she has (and that pic is one of my favorites)


But, Tweeden's body is so ridiculous and she has been in my head ever since her FHM shoot a few months back.

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