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Notice: Marlins Hooded Sweatshirt 60% off...


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Was just cruising the Marlins shop on MLB.com and just finished noticing how extremely expensive all of the prices were when I saw this...


Black Marlins Hooded


For those of you in Florida, you might not need something this heavy, but for the Marlins fans in the Northeast...this is a great buy for $20.


Just a heads up for those who may be interested.

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Umm. I clicked back to view my receipt and I think I accidentally ordered another one... maybe two because it paused and I refreshed. I love my luck. I'll have to see how many confirmation e-mails I get.



Thanks for the heads-up, but I think I'll wait for the "Miami Marlins" sweatshirt.



:fyou Tom Lee

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Awesome.. I might get one :)


Grrr.. I just noticed that they only came in Large/x-Large/xxLarge


I think Large will be too big? :thumbdown



i only see large and xxlarge, ill probably go with xxlarge


probably gonna get one

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