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Riedling to DL, Resop to the fish


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MIAMI ? The Florida Marlins today placed right-handed pitcher John Riedling on the 15-day Disabled List with right shoulder tendinitis and recalled right-handed pitcher Chris Resop from double-A Carolina. The announcement was made by Senior Vice President and General Manager Admin Beinfest.


Just got the media release...

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:banghead D'oh! Now I clearly blame yesterday on Reidling...if he was hurt...why was he out there???? We bring him back for one game and all he does is dig us into a hole...then bails on us the next day...


I know an injury is nothing he can predict and I know yesterday's loss doesnt really hurt us....but it stings when all this happens and for nothing!

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You are correct about the fact that I have seen Resop pitching in more places than most.....was at the game tonight in fact......



Cool :thumbup .


Out of curiosity, are you his father, brother, etc. or? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

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So how many players are allowed to be on the playoff roster?




What if there are injuries during the postseason?


There can be at most 25 players on the active postseason roster. There's still a DL, however you can only make changes (including DLing or activating players) inbetween postseason series. No matter how many injuries you encountered in the NLCS, you have to finish with the same 25 you entered with.

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