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A new kind of Poll Tournament

Guest Juanky

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Well, we are all very familiar with the Babe Bowl tournament, the Favorite Marlin tournament, and some may even remember the Greatest of All Time series in the Media Forum. Now, a bundle of joy from my troubled and puzzled mind, comes a tournament that has alot more stake in our everyday lives: a historical one!


Simple setup: Just nominate two people who you think should be considered among the most important people in history since the year 1500 AD. Anyone can be nominated, and their names will be thrown into a head to head tournament until we come up with 1 man or woman who has had the biggest imprint on life since our magical year of 1500. I'd like to do a 64 person thing, but I'm not going to put a number out there yet because there's alot of people to choose from but something tells me not many to actually make nominations.


As to why head to head, I can't really do a poll of 140 people so this way is easier. Plus, the result should be equal regardless, in theory of course. Feel free to drop opinions during the poll process and during nominations, and give reasons for selections if at all possible. Let's make this a good experience.


Nominated so far (64):

Adam Smith





The man formerly known as Shakespeare


Francis Bacon






Alexander Hamilton

Lenny Bruce

Thomas Jefferson


Fredrick Douglass

Benjamin Franklin






John Maynard Keynes

Gifford Pinchot

Cyrus McCormick

Nicola Tesla




Martin Luther

Immanuel Kant


Pope John XXIII

Mother Teresa




Theodore Herzl




Raymond Albert Kroc

Charles DeGaul

Winston Churchill

Vladimir Lenin

Joseph Stalin

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Otto Von Bismarck

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Susan B. AnthonyJohn Paul II


Lewis and Clark collectively

Stephen F Austin

Santa Anna

Nelson Mandela

Malcolm X

Harriet Tubman


Theodore Roosevelt

John Muir

J P Morgan


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Gee, I wonder what your economic philosophy is? :lol


Really cool idea btw.


Charles Darwin

Francis Bacon


If it ends up you don't get 64, I've got a ton I'd like to add

Yeah, I've got plenty to add as well.


And of course I love me some classical liberalism, but really I have to say Adam Smith is my early favorite to win this whole thing and he's definitely getting a #1 seed. Nothing, in my opinion, has changed the world since 1500 like capitalism has. Even Karl Marx said it was the best economic system ever invented.


If Karl Marx says it's teh goodz, it's gotta pwn! :plain

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Gutenberg just missed the cut off, otherwise I'd think he'd win. Their's plenty of worthy canidates, should be fun and hopefully opens up some good historical debate.

That's the plan :thumbup

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EDIT: I'm changing mine. Since I'm too dumb to know who was born after 1500.


I'll go with:


Lenny Bruce and (drumroll please) former President and Vice President of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independance, advocate of equality and liberty, statesman, ambassador to France, political philosopher, revolutionary, agriculturalist, horticulturist, land owner, architect, archaeologist, slaveowner, author, inventor, and founder of the University of Virginia: Thomas Jefferson.


He also admitted Ohio into the Union.

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You know what, I have way too many.



I'm going to pick two though for various reasons:


Cyrus Hall McCormick..why? Look up the McCormick Reaper and figure it out.


Gifford Pinchot..why? He along with John Muir were the first two most influential environmental figures in United States history. Pinchot being the basic founder of the conservationatist view toward the environment, one which has proven to be extremely influential to shaping of many of my views.

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Awesome topic Juanky. We can easily fill this up. I narrowed my choice down to two.


Martin Luther

Nicolaus Copernicus


If we dont get to 64, should we just start nominating more people? Because it would be a shame if this doesnt fill up.


Also, Gutenberg misses the mark but he would have been another great choice.

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