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Michigan student urinates on woman


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Man Charged After Urinating On Woman

University of Michigan Students Involved In Racial Incident



An Ann Arbor man could face charges of indecent exposure and other serious charges after he allegedly urinated on woman because she was Asian.


Police are calling it a case of ethnic intimidation after the 21-year-old man made derogatory statements to the Asian couple who were walking just a few blocks from the University of Michigan campus, then urinated on a woman.


The suspect and the victim are University of Michigan students.


Investigators say the man urinated off a second-floor apartment balcony onto the 21-year-old woman who was walking below.


He made comments to the couple, telling them they should get "green cards" and learn to speak English, Local 4 reported.


The incident happened in the 600 block of South Forest Avenue.


The suspect ran into the apartment when police approached him and refused to come out, according to the Ann Arbor News.


He faces charges of assault, ethnic intimidation and indecent exposure, which would require him to register with the state of Michigan as a sex offender.

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