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Laguna Love


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Oh hohoho...Kristen thought she was clever playing boy toy Talan for a fool...Thought that he was insignificant and just a temporary love interest that she had no intention of staying with...


Well guess what, Kristen, Laguna drama queen:


Your boy Talan is marrying Rod Stewart's daughter..


You may recognize ?tough guy? on the left as Talan Torriero star of Laguna Beach?we didn?t. The woman to his right, Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart and seven years Talan?s senior, has agreed to marry the fledgling actor. The couple made public their intentions at a recent Xbox 360 launch party in Los Angeles. Ain?t that sweet?


Stay tuned: Joystiq?s own Dan Choi?s will make a shocking proposal to his high school sweetheart during our 48-hour Xbox 360 playdate.





By the way, I think it's funny that all the Laguna stars are popping up everywhere:


Kristen was on 'Punkd', LC has been on MTV and has her own show now, Talan and his new bride, etc...

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Guest marlins02

The show was played out by actors. Shocking.






actually it is, from the little ive seen of that show theres no way in hell you could confuse those people for actors.

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