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Worst weekend for which South Florida team...

Guest Fritz

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It's the Panthers.


One single loss (Heat & Dolphins) pales in comparison to team being on the verge of setting the franchise record for most consecutive losses and are closing in on the all-time NHL record.


The Marlins have not made ANY moves at all and as of now, all this firesale stuff is just talk and nothing has actually happened, so they're not going to get me vote. Beckett has not been traded, Lowell has not been traded, Delgado has not been traded. It's all talk and until something actually happens, i'm not going to worry.

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No all of the above option?


Panthers would be worse if there were actual expectations of the team...they've stunk for a while and it's just an issue of their suckiness reaching historical proportions.


The Marlins haven't done anything yet, but it really is setting up to be worse than the '98 sell off because I seriously doubt Beinfest's ability to get equal value in return, and to be a good evaluator of minor league talent.


I don't care much for college football so I can't say that destroyed me.


As for the Heat, fluke's happen, and Wade played well.


I'm going with the Marlins though, whenever there's this much talk, it rarely ends well...

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The Canes. They actually had a chance to do something worthwhile this season before their now annual loss in the OB to an inferior team. Now the season is just another disappointment.


The Marlins are out because even though reports have broken, Beckett is still here, and there is still a sliver of hope that he sticks around. If he had been traded this weekend I'd say the Fish.


The Heat are out because it's one game in a long season, and it's November.


For the same reason the Panthers are out of consideration, though if they'd broken the record for losses this weekend I might vote for them.


The Dolphins had a winnable game this weekend, but if you start Sage Rosenfels at QB you can't bitch about an unproductive passing offense leading to a loss. Sure, if Linehan runs the ball more maybe it's closer, but you're still starting Sage on the road. And yes, I gave myself a figurative punch in the nuts around 12:15 today for taking the 'Fins this week in the Pick'em after I realized what I'd done.

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Where there's smoke, there's fire. But since nothing is burning yet for the Marlins, it's the Canes. Devastating loss in what was setting up to be a walk into the Orange Bowl. Now instead, it's a failed season. What a gay.

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