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Planning for the future....


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Maybe the FO knows what its doing....


Of the 8 positional spots, 6 of them have players who can be successful long term that are already on the team...


C - Josh Willingham (why not??)


1B-Mike Jacobs (plain out stud, hold on to this guy for the long run)


2B-Luis Castillo (let him finish his career with the Fish, he can be the veteran anchor on a successful team in a couple of years)


SS-Hanley Ramirez (he will be the everyday guy this year, and hopefully will get the growing pains out sooner than later)


3B-Miguel Cabrera (you know him)


RF-Jeremy Hermida (still young, but will be a monster)


CF/LF - Number of options....Aguila/Abercrombie (a few years away), I would aim to receive some prospect outfielders for Pierre and LoDuca (how about Felix Pie??)

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