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Mooch Fired


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He deserves it.


He has had enough time and they have drafted some extremely talented players, especially on offense. For Harringon, Rogers, Jones and both Williams not to be an explosive offense should call for heads to roll. That offense might have more talent than anyone this side of the Colts.


PS thata was a retarded gameplan today. Jones actually looked very good running and the Falcons run D sucks. They should have stuck with the run and not let Harrington go loose.

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Looks like it got postponed.


Must have not got ownership approval.


What a mess.



The owner was in Florida and doesn't plan to make any official decisions as of yet. As reported on ESPN radio. Either the owner wants to get back from vacation to do it to the guy's face (noble) or he just wants to wait for the weekend to be out.


Either way, since the Ford family has taken ownership of the Lions some 40 years ago they've won ONE playoff game. ONE. Ponder that a moment.

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