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Marlins Related Letters to the Editor

Strike 3

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Every single day I see letters to the editor relating to the Marlins. While people have different points of view on the situation, it seems contrary to the response some in the media predicted would be nothing more than a collective yawn. The following are from today's Miami Herald.


Letters to the Editor





[Marlins owner Jeffrey] Loria and [David] Samson did the exact same thing in Montreal with the Expos. How did Loria ever get into the game in the first place and then get hold of these teams?

When their scam of moving the team out of Montreal was on going, North New Jersey was discussed as a possible place to relocate to, but I clearly remember them say ``that location has already been promised.''

Loria was sent in to do a job by MLB in both places.

Also don't forget how John Henry with a lower offer bought the Red Sox selling the Marlins to Loria who in turn at the same time supposedly sold to MLB (who really owned them all along from the point they inserted Loria into the Expos picture).

No wonder baseball has empty stadiums everywhere.





From comments Marlins officials have made, it wouldn't matter if we averaged 40,000 a game and drew 3.2 million last year, they still would have lost money based on their lease terms. The attendance or perceived lack thereof is not driving their losses; it's a [bad] lease at a [bad] stadium.

Attendance this year (22,792 fans per game, according to Major League Baseball) increased 40 percent over 2003 (16,290) and it's more than doubled from the nadir of 2002 (10,038). So once the Marlins started winning in '03 there has been a nice bump in attendance. Winning drove an increase in average attendance, maybe not as much as Loria wanted but it did increase. I don't think 22,000 for this market is that bad. The World Champion White Sox were 17th in attendance and averaged 28,923. That's not a big difference.


North Miami



I agree that South Florida fans don't help themselves given lackluster attendance figures, [but] the incompetence here lies with the ownership, or the successive series of owners, that has failed to realize that very little in life can be bought with no money down. Most ventures in life require an outlay of capital by a potential owner.

Assuming the stadium cost is $320 million, the $30 million [shortfall] is 10 percent of the financing. Last I checked, if I were to ask for a bank loan to acquire a commercial property, I'd be required to provide a down payment of 20 percent. A 10 percent down payment by the Marlins doesn't sound unreasonable to me.

If the Marlins management were at all competent, they'd realize that relatively small investment would guarantee them the one thing they've been missing: a guarantee of profitability.





Local communities should pitch in financially on stadiums because sports teams are important and upgrade us as a region. But local communities should also reap some direct financial benefit like any other investor. Local investment should not be made for the direct and exclusive benefit of the owner.

I am no economist, and I accept the premise generally that owning a sports franchise is like owning a business and that sports owners are entitled to make profits on their businesses. But even if an owner like Loria is supposedly losing money every year, (with creative accounting and tax write-offs, I am not sure what that means anyway), I am sure that the value of the franchise goes up each year more than the franchise loses in revenue against expenses. If Loria sold the team now, he would make a handsome profit and make up for all of his alleged losses, and then some.


Cooper City



Stop blaming the fans! Blame baseball and their ridiculous system.

Baseball needs a salary cap. Period. Then everyone can compete.

Go back to the old schedule. Who wants to see the Nationals 30 times a year?

A new stadium is needed, but it won't solve the problem.

As much as I love baseball, the economic inequalities have ruined the game. I would be sorry to see the Marlins go but I don't blame them.


Coral Springs


I realize some of those letters are not local but that is just from today's Herald. All the local papers have had letters since the announcement and most of them are local.

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