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Can You Find All 74 Band Refrences In This Picture


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The sky has to be pink for a reason.....could it be Pink or Pink Floyd?

There's also a diamond necklace on the floor next to some boxes in the foreground.....Neil Diamond?


The pink scissors represent the Scissor Sisters (damn them and their remix of Comfortably Numb).

Looks like there are two crows perched on the Main Street sign.....The Counting Crows?

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great white (that shark poster behind the conspicuous golden dood)

korn (the corn on the cart)

manic street preachers (priests + pope in white on the left)

the doors (behind the doods in white)

dinosaur jr (the little dinosaur)

bush (green leafy plant in immediate foreground)

hole (open manhole in the ground in the background)


the go gos? (the chicks running toward aforementioned hole)

modest mouse? (the little mouse)


i think i like black crowes better than counting crows.


what about those flowers behind guns and roses? could they be wallflowers? perhaps gin blossoms?

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Guest markotsay7

Deep Purple (the purple wall)

Men at Work (guys on the roof)

Kiss (people kissing by the shop sign)

Dinosaur Jr. (the tiny dino between Queen and Guns n Roses)

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It would be nice if we could find all 75 together, Ill make a running list and start it off with some of the ones I saw right of the bat.


16 Left


1. Led Zeppelin (Zeppelin in the sky)

2. Alice In Chains (near the subway exit)

3. Spoon (the giant spoon)

4. The Rolling Stones (2 large boulders)

5. Guns 'N Roses (shotguns in potted roses on cart)

6. White Snake (wrapped around pole)

7. Eagles (3 flying eagles)

8. Smashing Pumpkins (the smashed pumpkins)

9. Gorillaz (the 3 gorillas)

10. Matchbox 20 (20 written in matchboxes)

11. The B-52's (airplanes in sky)

12. The Presidents Of the United States (Coin on floor)

13. White Zombie (Zombie by the door on the left)

14. Beach Boys (Guys with surfboards on the right)

15. Blues Traveler (men in black, with guitars)

16. Lemonheads (faces on lemons)

17. Madonna (painting of madonna and child on the left)

18. Cypress Hill (Hill beside gorilla and under airplane)

19. Nine Inch Nails (nails on foreground)

20. The Village People (navy sailors doing the YMCA)

21. Black Flag (the black flag on building)

22. Radiohead (guy in the middle with a radio as his head)

23. Red Hot Chili Peppers (red peppers on the right with the produce)

24. Iron Maiden (the iron maiden next to the radio head)

25. Pixies (the fairies)

26. Garbage (the garbage can on the floor)

27. Queen (queen in the front)

28. U2 (the two U's on the building)

29. Phish (the goldfish next to the 20)

30. Green Day (calendar with a green day on it)

31. The Police (cop cars in the background)

32. The Cars (the three cars in the back middle)

33. Blur (the blurry man next to Alice In Chains)

34. Blind Melon (watermelons with glasses)

35. Dead Kennedys (pictures next to Madonna)

36. Scorpions (on the grate behind the queen)

37. Talking Heads (TVs with talking heads)

38. Prince (the prince in the foreground being stuck up by the Queen)

39. Seal (the seal poster on the far left)

40. The Postal Service (the postman on the left)

41. Sex Pistols (what the queen is holding)

42. Scissor Sisters (two pink scissors)

43. Blondie (the girl in the upper left with blonde hair blowing a bubble)

44. Great White (that shark poster behind the conspicuous golden dood)

45. Korn (the corn on the cart)

46. Manic Street Preachers (priests + pope in white on the left)

47. The Doors (behind the doods in white)

48. Dinosaur Jr (the little dinosaur)

49. Bush (green leafy plant in immediate foreground)

50. Hole (open manhole in the ground in the background)

51. The Black Crows (crows on street sign on right)

52. Deep Purple (the purple wall)

53. Men at Work (guys on the roof)

54. Kiss (people kissing by the shop sign)

55. Hammer (what the guy smashing the pumpkins is holding)

56. Ratt (behind the scissors)

57. The Cowboy Junkies (by the lightpost)

58. Crowded House (people in building)

57. Tangerine Dream (from the tangerines)


Im going to go ahead and quote this for the second page, I added a few from the 2nd page...16 left.

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