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FREE PANTHERS TICKETS for this THURSDAY vs. Washington Capitals


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I had used this offer for free tickets to the Ottawa game that was canceled due to Wilma. I went to the box office yesterday to exchange the tix for the Dec 22 game vs. Buffalo. At first the guy gave me a hard time...but then said don't worry about it. He gave me a pair of tickets FAR better than those I had gotten from ticketmaster.






Thanks to Accord for posting these...



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You guys know what to do.... http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0D003B1F...04&minorcatid=9


Password: PANTHERS


You can thank me later :thumbup .


How are they free, did you hack into ticket masters or somthing? :blink:




If you go to the Nashville game on ticketmaster, you will see it say complimentory tickets (under where you normally buy tickets). Enter the password PANTHERS (thanks again Accord) and you get free tickets to the game.


I am hoping they do this again for the buffalo game on the 22nd.

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Accord, do you know of anymore coming up?


As soon as I do, i'll be sure to post about it.

12/22 vs. Buffalo has them, but they changed the password. :confused

They probably haven't released them yet, otherwise I would have gotten the e-mail. If the game isn't close to being a sellout within 48-72 hours prior to game time then they'll send out the free ticket offers.

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