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Joe G on XM Radio's "The Show"


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Basically he claimed he was looking forward to managing this season. Said that he knew that the type of team the Marlins would field would hinge on a stadium deal. He was optimistic that a deal for a new stadium would get done as the nature of deals in this country get done at the 11th hour. Rob Dibble asked if Torre gave him any advice and he said that Torre gave him his blessing and said it was time for you to become a manager.


Then a few minutes later the Cubs GM came on about the Pierre deal. He gave credit for Beinfest systematically trading away the players and saving JP for last. Yesterday was like a high stakes poker match with 5 teams involved. He had to throw in a third player just to have a shot at JP and that Nolasco was the key to the trade in his opinion. He gave credit for the job the Marlins scouting team.


I tried to remember as much as possible as I was inching my way home on the Palmetto.

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